Audit Commitee

Perseroan telah memenuhi ketentuan Peraturan Otoritas Jasa Keuangan No.55/POJK.04/2015 dimana Komite Audit adalah komite yang dibentuk oleh dan bertanggung jawab kepada Dewan Komisaris dalam membantu melaksanakan tugas dan fungsi Dewan Komisaris.

Piagam Internal Audit


Chairman of Audit Committee

Indonesian citizen, 46 years old. Lives at Jakarta. Appointed as Independent Commissioner based on the AGM dated September 20, 2018 as stated in Deed No. 30 dated October 10, 2018. He has a Diploma degree in Graphic Design from Dilly Blue Graphic School.

Prior joining with the Company, he served as Commissioner of PT Kartika Marga Sakti (2008-2011), Commissioner of PT Penang Investment Group (2012-2013), and Director of PT Great Dyke (2008-present). He has no affiliated relationships with other members of the Board of Commissioners, members of the Board of Directors, and shareholders.

Rodion Wikanto Njotowidjojo

Member of Audit Committee

Indonesian citizen, 60 years old, lives in Jakarta. He has Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from ATMI Solo and MBA degree from IPWI, Jakarta. He has served several executives positions such as Member of Audit Committee of PT Astrindo Nusantara Infrastruktur Tbk, PT Multi Bintang Indonesia Tbk, PT Sierad Produce Tbk, PT Mandiri Tunas Finance, PT Indo Kordsa Tbk. Beside that, he once served as Independent Director of PT Berlian Laju Tanker Tbk and Commissioner of PT BD Agriculture Indonesia. Currently, he also serves as Independent Commissioner of PT MNC Finance. He is registered as professional member of Indonesian Institute for Commissioners and Directors and Indonesian Institute of Audit Committee. He serves as Member of Audit Committee since December 19, 2018. He doesn’t have affiliated relationships with Board of Commissioners’ members, other Board of Diretors’ members and main shareholders.

Vishal M. Parekh  

Member of Audit Committee

Indian citizen, 39 years old. Domiciled in Jakarta. He has served as Member of the Audit Committee since March 1, 2017 based on the Circular Decree by the Board of Commissioners dated February 13, 2017.

He has 12 years of working experience in Finance, Accounting, MIS, Business planning and specialization in Treasury (Fundraising, Forex, Credit Rating) and Risk Management. His other abilities are at energy sector, especially power generation, power trading, and coal mining.

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