Business Activities

Based on Article 3 of the Company’s Articles of Association, Deed No. 95, dated August 31, 2017, the Company’s line of business are trading, export and import, consultation services and contractor in mining and energy sector. In order to achieve its purpose and goals, the Company conducts these following activities:

Main business activities

Doing domestic and international trading on the Company’s own or by third parties, by commission and/or joint with other entity;

  1. Carrying out domestic and international trading on the Company’s own or by third parties, by the commission and/or joint with other entity;
  2. Carrying out export or import of all mining resources,
  3. Acting as purveyor/suppliers, wholesaler, distributor commissioner, representative, or external agent or legal entities.
  4. Acting as contractor in EPC Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC);
  5. Providing integrated construction services including planning, procurement, and execution/construction works in power generation and other energy-related segments;
  6. Acting as a contractor for Operation & Maintenance (O&M), providing operation and maintenance services of power plant.

Other supporting business activities

  1. Providing consultation services for mining industry needs, covering construction planning and development for general mining industry and related business activities, including the maintenance of mining equipment;
  2. Providing consultation services for oil and gas mining, geothermal and energy conservation, coal, lignite and anthracite as well as related business activities;
  3. Providing consultation services for activities related to power plant sector, including consultation for operational and maintenance activities.
  4. Acting as an investor in Independent Power Producer (IPP);
  5. Conducting investment activities in private sector’s power generation; and
  6. Conducting trading activities in energy and agricultural commodities sector.

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