Responsibility in Environment

The Company is committed to preserve the environment by conducting an environmental-friendly business activities. Therefore, the Company ensures that all operational activities carried out have the required permits and documents, such as recommendations for Environmental Management Efforts, Environmental Impact Assessment reports, and Environmental Management & Monitoring Plans.

Some of the efforts carried out by the Company as a form of responsibility in preserving the environment are:

  1. The application of energy efficiency in a sustainable manner.
  2. The application of 3R system, namely Reduce, Reuse and Recycle through reduction of plastic use.
  3. Reduction and utilization of Hazardous and nonHazardous Waste.
  4. Significant reduction in emissions from efforts to replace diesel-fueled engines to gas-fueled engines.
  5. Biodiversity management through the preservation of animals that exist in the operational location.
  6. Measurement of water quality, air quality, waste and hydrocarbon management.

Certification in Environment

The Company’s associate company, PT MP, received a PROPER award with Blue level in 2019, given by the South Kalimantan Province government.

Complaint of Environment Issues

During 2020, the Company did not receive any complaints of environmental issues. All environmental issues will be handled through applicable mechanism in a structured procedure to achieve the best solution.

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